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What Exactly Is Fit For Lady Parts?

How women from all over the world are overcoming their fears for breaking themselves and finally creating a life of lifting heavy, getting sweaty, and feeling brave in their bodies despite their prolapse.

How One Strong Mom Of Three Achieved Freedom From Her Prolapse While Training Her Pelvic Floor Muscles, Building Super Human Strength, And Now Enjoying Symptom-Free Strength And Conditioning Workouts

There is a life of intensity with pelvic organ prolapse. Fit For Lady Parts breaks down everything you need to know in this 6-week intensive online coaching program lead by highly sought after pelvic health fitness expert, Terrell Baldock-The Prolapse Coach

I hear the same story from women all over the globe. “There isn’t much available to women who have done the pelvic floor rehab. It’s rather all or nothing and I want both”

Amanda, a CrossFit Athlete with a passion for heavy lifting and training at her max, wanted to get back into the heavy sweaty stuff following the birth of her third baby. 

She had worked with a pelvic floor physiotherapist who had told her she needed to stop working at a high capacity thanks to her bladder prolapse which flared and peeing her pants with every move.

There was one slight problem.

Amanda didn’t want to give up on herself or her body. So she continued her work with a pelvic floor physiotherapist and by chance, found me on Facebook through a friend.

Let’s face it, you’re done with feeling broken and batters because of your pelvic health symptoms like peeing yourself on and off the gym floor or feeling like something is falling out.

It feels uncomfortable. You feel it and it keeps getting in the way of reaching your fitness goals.

It makes you anxious with every move, making you wonder if it’s going to get worse.

It makes it hard to enjoy being active with your family. You miss out on running around with your kiddos on a summer day. And it sucks to miss out!

Regardless of your age or stage in life, it’s never too late to bring awareness to your body and take care of your pelvic floor. 

Where's Amanda Now?

CrossFit Athlete


CrossFit Athlete

Terrell carefully watched me perform movements. She taught me how to breathe while performing the movements, to better brace my core and tie in my pelvic floor function. She also gave me exercises to help with the pelvic floor issues I was having. She showed an interest and cared about my progress. She made modifications right away when needed. She helped me greatly and taught me so much about my pelvic floor during exercise that I had no knowledge about. I wish I had worked with her sooner after giving birth!

Amanda put the work in and is now deadlifting 300 pounds

As I assessed Amanda, I could see she was feeling defeated. Looking into her eyes, I made a split-second decision and threw a barbell at her. Not literally of course. But Amanda understood the language of a barbell, not laying flat on a yoga mat. Instantly, Amanda’s body language changed. She opened up and was interested in managing her pelvic health symptoms and lifting. By bringing lifting and pelvic floor rehab together, Amanda became confident in her body. Not trapped by it.

Amanda Overcame Her Pelvic Floor Struggles And Is Stronger Than She Was Before

Mastering the basics gave Amanda everything she needed to progressively build strength and master her pelvic health in ways that worked for her. You can have that too.

Amanda continued her with her workouts and would message me every time she hit a new PR with excitement. She was able to put more of herself into her training because she was trusting in her body again. Amanda put in the work, no matter how emotionally trying, and came out on the other side of being in pelvic health hell.

Meet Your Coach, Terrell

I’m all about taking care of you and meeting you where you’re at. You will learn strategies to heal and to thrive in your athleticism. 3 years ago, only 12-weeks postpartum with my second baby, I was diagnosed with a pelvic organ prolapse of my bladder and urethra. 

I had some incontinence during my workouts before pregnancy, but never imagined it was related to my pelvic floor. 

I had no one to turn to for help. So I became that person. 

Through rehab, courses, and working closely with pelvic floor physiotherapists, I became comfortable to begin training at a higher capacity. I had to put my training plans on hold, temporarily. 

After a surprise pregnancy, unplanned c-section and a round of rehab that took 4-months, I signed up for CrossFit. No leaks, no sagging, no symptoms. Yes, there is life beyond pelvic floor dysfunctions like incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. I get it. 

Being a mom of 3 three makes life tricky. But you can reach your goals in less time than you think.

If you’re the kind of woman who loves high impact fitness and athletic training, but feel lost as to where to go with pelvic organ prolapse, in this program, I will show you how to get:

  • The Strong Body You Deserve

    Through your workouts, you’ll manage your prolapse symptoms, build strength and master endurance, and have a balanced plan to get you back lifting heavy and getting sweaty

  • Results you can keep.

    You’ll learn the habits and skills needed not only to manage your prolapse on and off the gym floor, giving you the tools you need to succeed for a lifetime.

  • A simple fitness routine that improves your life rather than consuming it.

    .A simple fitness routine that improves your life rather than consuming it. Every aspect of your plan is created to empower you. No more fitness programs that you have to settle for because of your prolapse symptoms. If lifting and breaking a sweat is what you love, I have you, my friend.

  • World-class coaching

    With over a decade of coaching experience, I’m trusted by CrossFit Games Athletes, doctors, and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists as well as a regular speaker at the University Of Western Ontario.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be stuck in the rehab bubble for the rest of your life. You can go above and beyond where you were physically before prolapse.

  • You don’t have to be stuck lifting less than 15 pounds (um ok. I have a 30-pound toddler and a 20-pound baby. How is that going to work?)

  • You don’t have to stick to “pelvic floor safe” fitness programs (Oh, cause that’s fun. Squat with 10-pound dumbbells, anyone?)

  • You don’t have to feel stuck in a program you don’t find enjoyable. If you want to get back into Crossfit, boot camps, or jazzersize, we will make it happen.

You Have So Many Options, My Friend.

Pelvic health has come a long way and research is showing us that even with POP, women can train their pelvic floor muscles to handle the impact of high-level training , recreational actives, and

  • I bridge the gap between pelvic floor rehab and fitness so you can have both.

  • You don’t have to give up on your lifting, running, or any other sport that presents symptoms.

  • And you certainly CAN lift heavier than 10 pounds, run, and be the athlete you want to be.

Want To Get Stronger Now Then You Were Before?

This is how we do it:

Make Strength Training a Priority
The focus here is on building strength strategically while incorporating your pelvic floor. The only way to build a pelvic floor that can handle high-impact training is to build a pelvic floor to handle high-impact.

You’re Going To Train Compound Lifts
You are going to learn to lift in a whole new way. Smarter. Combining breathing, alignment strategies, and lifting to take the pressure off your pelvic floor allowing it to move optimally. In traditional strength training, you are often coached to hold your breath during maximal lifts, which doesn’t allow movement, which can exacerbate your symptoms.

You Are Going To Train Your Entire Body
You’re busy, I get it. So your workouts are going to be 30-40 minutes 3x + weekly, and they can be done at home or in the gym.

You Are Going To Focus On Nutrition, Lifestyle, And Mindset

The most important aspects of your overall health, yet most often underutilized. So you will be emailed assignments to help you optimize your mind and body.  

What You Do On The Gym Floor Is Just As Important As Off The Gym Floor

Fit For Lady Parts is a complete 6-Week intensive health and fitness program for women who want to out perform their expectations.

  • Step by step movement demonstration videos. You are guided through each and every phase of your workout as if you were working directly with me.

  • In-depth educational guides and videos Learn how to manage symptoms and adjust your workout accordingly.

  • Worksheets to help you track your workouts Keep track of your progress with printable worksheets.

  • Simple and actionable nutrition, mindset and lifestyle assignments to help you maximize your overall performance on and off the gym floor.

  • Exclusive Facebook community where you will guided through Fit For Lady Parts, receive additional coaching and support, as well as celebrate wins with a fun group of women of all ages and stages to ensure you're not alone. Access all of the resources you need to finally break free from the grip POP has on you.

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Change the relationship you have with your body today!

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Fit For Lady Parts

Never Second Guess Your Body Again!

Fit For Lady Parts is a 6-week online strength training program for women who want to lift heavy things, run laps around their kids, and don’t want to let their pelvic floor dysfunctions hold them back.

Fit For Lady Parts takes the guesswork out of your fitness routine and managing symptoms and gives you step by step solutions to managing your prolapse, peeing, and hip/lower back pain, so you can thrive on and off the gym floor.

Unlock the secrets to your hidden potential and enjoy a life full of activity on the gym floor and with your family.

What Is Fit For Lady Parts?

Fit For Lady Parts is a 6-week intensive online fitness program specifically designed for women who have recently given birth and completed rehab with a pelvic health PT. You will learn more in 6-weeks using Fit For Lady Parts than you will going it alone, looking for random exercise to try online.

Additionally, Fit For Lady Parts is much more affordable than training one on one. Training three times a week can cost up to $1000 a month. For a fraction of that,  you can invest in your self-care by enrolling in Fit Lady Parts.

Fit For Lady Parts is flexible to your schedule. You don’t have to worry about running late to a session or class because your little one had a poop explosion as you were leaving the house. You can work out on your own time when it suits you best. 

Your workouts are ready for you to use in an easy to navigate platform. You will get 6 weeks of strength training workouts and conditioning workouts. These workouts are carefully put together with your pelvic health symptoms in mind. 

With nearly a decade of experience and multiple certifications when it comes to training prenatal and postpartum women, I understand your unique needs and know how to address common core and pelvic floor related dysfunctions better than the 20-year-old personal trainer at your local gym.

You’re Also Going To Gain Lean Muscle And Burn Fat In Ways That Will Improve Your Pelvic Health, Not Compromise It.

You Will Maximize Your Performance And Manage Your Pelvic Health Symptoms.

This program is ideal for any women from CrossFit Athletes, marathon runners to beginners–of all ages and stages of life.

You Are So Much More Capable Than You Think

Here's a run down of what the next 6 weeks will look like.

  • Your workouts will be short and strategic, allowing you to stay focused and make consistent progress, even when life gets chaotic. All you need is thirty to forty minutes a couple times a week.

  • You will retrain your core and pelvic floor to properly flatten your “mummy tummy” and restore your pelvic floor to function optimally. This will only take about ten minutes a day.

  • You will have flexibility with nutrition and put an end to restriction. This will give you the freedom to still indulge from time to time while balancing nutrient dense foods, ensuring that you are getting all of the good nutrition your body needs for your overall health and pelvic health.



Terrell reminded me that everything is possible, she knew when I needed more and when I needed to back off, she individualized my program like no one ever, reminds me that my pelvic floor is pliable and will shift for the better if I take my time. I 1000% would recommend Terrell and her program to any woman wanting their life and pelvic floor back!

No Gym, No Problem

Workout At Home Or In The Gym With 3 Workouts, Designed To Help You Build Lean Muscle, Burn Fat, And Manage Your Pelvic Health Symptoms. You don’t have to have access to a gym to take part in Fit For Lady Parts. All you need is a set of dumbbells or kettlebells, a bench/box or sturdy chair and/or a large full loop resistance band. But if you do have access to a barbell and plates, I have you covered too.
No Gym, No Problem

Is Fit For Lady Parts Right For Me?

Amanda is now thriving on and off the gym floor. Within a few weeks working together, Amanda noticed her symptoms subside. Three years and a fourth baby later, her prolapse and peeing herself is now a thing of the past.

Amanda started with the basics, worked on what’s possible, and moved into the impossible. I’d love to be your coach and guide you through this incredible journey. You’ll have to commit to yourself but I can help you lift heavy, get sweaty, and feel brave in your body again.

Grab Fit For Lady Parts Now And Get Holistic Health For Lady Parts As A Bonus Upgrade! ($149 value)

You can have the bet workout program in the world, but if you're not taking care of yourself off the gym floor as well, you could be missing out on on reaching your full fitness and pelvic health potential

Holistic Health For Lady Parts is my newest whole health gem. When you register for Fit For Lady Parts, you will unlock the secrets to your metabolism, gut health, as well as intuitive eating, and truly become the master of your body.
Grab Fit For Lady Parts Now And Get Holistic Health For Lady Parts As A Bonus Upgrade! ($149 value)

Are you ready to get started today?

Fit For Lady Parts is only open for registration for a short time and runs quarterly.

This challenge runs for a set time period which you will receive in your welcome package via email.
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  • How do I gain access to Fit For Lady Parts

    When registering for Fit For Lady Parts, you will be instructed to register for Thinkific (where Fit For Lady Parts is hosted). Once you've paid, you will gain immediate access to the program and will receive your welcome pack and additional coaching via email

  • Do I need clearance from a doctor or pelvic PT to do Fit For Lady Parts?

    I highly recommend consulting with your doctor as well as any health care provider on your team before using any fitness program

  • Can I do this program is I have pelvic health concerns like prolapse, peeing, or pain

    Absolutely! You will be given 2-3 movement options with every exercise in Fit For Lady Part. Additionally, you will have access to a full education course, empowering you to troubleshoot, manage, and develop an understanding of your pelvic health and symptoms.

  • What equipment do I need?

    These workouts can be done at home with a pair of dumbbell or kettlebells, a sturdy chair or bench, and resistance bands. If you have access to a gym, there's a barbell option as well.

  • How do I know if I'm doing these exercises right?

    You will be lead through your workouts through video and written demonstrations. In addition, you will have access to dozens of exercise videos in the exercise library. But if you're really in doubt, record yourself and upload the video in your private FB community and I will give you feedback.

  • Are the workouts easy to follow?

    The workouts are super easy to follow and you have different options depending on your style. Every workout contains 2-3 movement options led in video and written descriptions. There is a full video option. This is like what you will get with a workout DVD. Each video is about 45 minutes in length for you to follow. You can also use the printable workout trackers. You can print it up and take it with you where you do your workouts, or access it on your mobile device and have access to the videos.

Work With Me For A Fraction Of What It Costs To Work With Me 1:1

To work with me 1:1, for 6 weeks of coaching, you would be looking at spending over $1200, with Fit For Lady Parts, you can grab what my clients get for a fraction of that, today.

Plus, you don't have to work around my busy schedule. You can work out when it suits you for only $197. That's over $1000 in savings!