Course curriculum

  • 1
    Raise Your Rates With Class
    • How To Raise Your Rates With Class
  • 2
    How To Structure Your Marketing Using Email or Social Media
    • Frantic To Flow: How To Get Out Of The Social Media Hustle And THRIVE!!
    • Understanding Your unique Marketing Basics
  • 3
    How To Use The Free To Paid Method To Move Off Social Media
    • How To Move Your Conversation From Public To Private Using A Bold Post
    • How To Invite Your Self-Identifiers To The Next Step
    • Why You Need To Have More Conversations in Your DMS: This is the real relationship builder.
  • 4
    How To Plan Your Marketing For The Next 90-days
    • How To Design Your Marketing Plan: Double your income in the next 90-days
  • 5
    • The 3 Biggest Mistakes You're Making In Your Business That's Keeping Your From Scaling